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This software is now...

Social Network Blocker 1.0. is computer software that restricts (block) access to certain Websites.

This software can restrict access to five predefined social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Myspace, Youtube) and (or) any other Websites by using custom keywords.


Social Network Blocker 1.0. software is available in two versions: STANDARD and EXTENDED versions.




  • Easy to install and use (program have only one file , small size 280 KB)
  • Can be used on any Windows system
  • Hidden from users and start with Windows
  • Password protected
  • Do not affect Antivirus and Antispyware software

Similar programs can be detected as Virus or Spyware programs. This software is not Virus, Spyware or Adware program and will not affect Antivirus and Antispyware software.

  • Acceptable price

In most cases you must pay up to $20 only for “Facebook blocker”. This software restricts access to five most popular social networks for $7 (Standard) or unlimited number of websites for only $13 (Extended version).

  • Simple usage
  • ...




Program SOCIAL NETWORK BLOCKER 1.0.  can be downloaded here:


Portable -  Standalone (recommended)                size 280 KB (extract a file using WinRAR )

(one file, NO install , no setup needed, work on most Windows versions)

Setup & install                                                         size 4.5 MB (extract a file using WinRAR )

(Extract & Run Setup)




user manual & screenshots...

User Manual & Screenshots  (PDF file)           size 450 KB


VIDEO TRAILER: Social Network Blocker Video Tutorial done by



versions, pricing, order...


On first Run (start) this software is unregistered version and can be used FREE for 14 days as Standard version.

After 14 days of using you must obtain and activate valid License code for one of two available versions.

You can order Standard or Extended License code or Upgrade License code from Standard to Extended version if you

 already have standard License for this software.




STANDARD LICENSE                                        $7

EXTENDED LICENSE                                        $13 (10 LICENSE  PACK $100)

UPGRADE from standard to extended           $7


Order license per eMail:

 Payment method: PayPal (checks or money orders accepted in USA)





PayPal Email Payments:


Send your payment confirmation and program ID to and you will get your License code within 24 hours.


Any license is VALID ONLY FOR ONE PC (Program ID)!


With your License code you will get License agreement.


Each buyer (customer) will have one year free email support for SOCIAL NETWORK BLOCKER software.


Each owner (holder) of Extended version License of this software will get any NEW version of this software for FREE.  



Thank you for purchasing this software…!


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about this or other my software.


Software author:


Dervis K.

Orlando, USA , my personal e-mail


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